Different types of Bridal Jewelry

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Different types of Bridal Jewelry

It is rightly said that Jewelry is the way of keeping memories alive. Indeed it is one of the most essential things for bride. Picking out the jewellery for your wedding and pre-wedding rituals can be quite a task. Once you have picked out the right wedding attire, now it is time to put some thought into the right jewellery and accessories for it. So many options of jewellery are available for the modern bride. Don’t fret over it. Pristine Fire has got you covered with 5 different types of bridal jewellery that you can select:

1. Kundan:

When it comes to wedding jewellery, nothing matches the grandeur of kundan. Having its roots in the Mughal era, the craft of kundan jewellery evolved in Rajasthan. Kundan is made of glass stone. Think kundan and you cannot not think of polki jewellery. While most of us cannot tell them apart, polki is actually made of natural uncut or untreated diamonds. Surprised? We were too! Introduced by the Mughals, polki is more expensive and highly valued because of its natural brilliance. Kundan Jewellery is an ideal choice of bride due to its heavy classic look and can easily blend in any wedding attire and bride loves kundan jewellery because it is much lighter in weight as compared to gold.


 2. Pearl Jewellery:

Pearl is said to be the queen of all gems. For brides who would like to go subtle or minimal with their jewellery, Pearl is a good choice. With multi-layer Pearls, fine strands and statement pieces of Pearl jewellery, add a touch of royalty to your bridal look in the most subtle way. Most of all Pearl blends in effortlessly with any attires and adds a classy touch, Right from your Pearl maang tikkas to earrings, bracelets and more create a perfect Pearl ensemble that makes you look like a princess. This jewellery is perfect for Pre-wedding rituals.


 3.Gemstone Jewelry:

Fine precious stones of Ruby, Emerald and a Sapphire set in Gold make one of the finest pieces of jewellery. The cuts and colors of these gemstones make them stand apart from regular Gold jewellery often combined with Diamonds strung in Gold, gemstone jewellery are valuable investments. They are the most sought after bridal jewellery for its value and fine elegance. Adorn classic pieces of gemstone jewellery and bring in that royal touch to your look. This is perfect jewellery for the entire wedding.


 4. Diamond Jewellery:

Who doesn’t love Diamonds? Their shine, color and luster are just too good and provide the ultimate value for money. Available in various carats and cuts, Diamonds are a classic choice of bridal jewellery. It suits any type of attire and is also available in unfinished forms of Solitaire. When set in Platinum or Gold, Diamonds offer a rich selection of styles and attract everyone. Adds a touch of bling to your bridal attire and can go with wedding.



 5. Gold Jewellery:

Classic and timeless, gold jewellery has been every bride’s preferred choice for ages now. Passed on from generation to generation, gold jewellery keeps a family’s legacy alive. In Indian culture, gold is considered to be auspicious as it is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. What makes it a favorite across generations is its versatility, durability and everlasting shine. This jewellery is perfect for bride for  any wedding rituals.


We hope that you are now clear which kind of bridal jewellery you are seeking for.