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Difference between Platinum and White Gold

Are you confused while selecting a jewelry made of White gold or Platinum? You might have heard that Platinum is the ‘best metal’ but is it enough in compare of the higher prices? But we want you to decide by yourself which one is the best.
Below are the factors that differentiate these two metals from one another. Let’s have a look:


Platinum: Most durable among all the metals. When scratched, metal is hardly displaces and very little is lost.

White Gold: When scratched, slivers of metal are lost resulting in faster metal loss.


Platinum: A real white metal

White Gold: Artificially made white. Yellow gold mixed with whitening alloys, such as nickel.



Platinum: It is about 40% denser than white gold, much stronger and heavier compared to white gold.

White Gold: Less heavier as compared to Platinum.


Health concern:

Platinum: It is non- reactive as compared to white gold.

White Gold: Some customers are allergic to nickel so hence they are allergic to white gold. Best for them would be Platinum.


Platinum: It is 35 times rarer than white gold. Ten tons of platinum ore is required to process a single ounce of pure platinum.

White Gold: White gold isn't rare since its base (yellow gold) isn't very rare. Which makes it less costly than Platinum.


Heavier :

Platinum: Platinum is 60% heavier than 14K gold and 40% heavier than 18K gold.

White Gold: You can feel a distinct difference between platinum and white gold.



Platinum: Loses very little metal to everyday wear; little maintenance required.

White Gold: Loses metal at faster rate; may need to be reshanked or retipped with every day wear.



Platinum: Platinum jewelry is 90-90% pure platinum

White Gold: Most gold jewelry are 58.5 %( 14K) or 75 %( 18K) gold



Platinum: This metal is hard to find and as it is denser so more of the metal is required to make a ring. Another thing is platinum rings are 95% pure platinum.

White Gold: This metal isn’t rare since its base is yellow gold. And in 14K gold is only 58.5% gold and in 18K gold is only 75% gold. That’s the reason why Platinum costs more than White Gold.

All the above factors are enough for you to decide which one you would like to choose according to your budget and occasion.


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