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Buying Diamond Online

The main advantage of buying diamond online is that it is convenient and saves money. But, there are a few more important things to consider before spending your hard earned money online.

  • Understand the 4C’s. Cut, colour, clarity and carat are referred to as the 4C’s and affect the price of diamonds. Understanding these four will help you make an informed decision even when your diamond is unseen from you personally.
  • Some sites have pictures of jewellery that are the blessing of highly developed computer graphics. Find out if the website is showing you a picture of the actual diamond or just using a computer stock photo. Having the knowledge of 4C’s can help you a little but even when the diamonds are of the same carat and quality grades, there are so many variances that the naked eye can’t really differentiate.
  • Know the diamond market. Prices on diamonds fluctuate on a per carat basis based on general supply and demand. Search for similar size and quality stones from various online retailers. The cut of a diamond is one of the most important factors of a diamond and most often the difference in price is due to the same.
  • Look for the reputation of the company. Always do a background check on the company before ordering your jewellery. Read the testimonials and feedback provided. Look at the terms of sale and also their money processing and return policy. See if it belongsImage result for diamond image to any jewellery trade associations as they usually have strict quality and service requirements. See if the payment is processed through a secure service or not and if the seller is ready to provide sufficient evidence of the diamond’s authenticity like photographs, diamond grading reports etc. Only purchase the diamond when you are perfectly comfortable with it.
  • See if the diamond is a certified one. Some form of authentication should be provided on stones close to 1 carat or more. Acquire an appraisal in case of antique and estate jewellery pieces. For loose diamonds or modern jewellery, see if it is certified by GIA or EGL.
  • You can also choose to have a permanent and microscopic marking on the girdle of the gem by inscribing with laser. GIA can do this job by inscribing the diamond with its GIA report number symbol for identification.
  • Once you get your diamond in hand, get an appraiser to confirm that it matches the description and the paperwork accompanying it and provide you with the value of the diamond so that you can get insurance.
  • Do not use cash, cheque or money order for your purchase as it can greatly reduce your options for recourse in case of a fraud.
  • Look after the nature of customer service of the company. If the diamond will be shipped and if yes, if the shipment is insured or not.

But when buying from Pristine Fire you don’t need to worry over all these things. Just visit our site www.pristinefire.com and select all the diamonds that you want.

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