Cool Jewellery Hacks

Once you undergo through our product section at for latest designs in diamond and gold jewellery and buy the ones you like (although I can bet on it that you are going to just love everything over there), the question arises how to clean, store and secure them. So, here are a number of jewellery hacks which are simple yet amazing and cool and after going through this article you will imagine why you didn’t think of this earlier.


  • Dirty gold jewellery can be cleaned with a solution of club soda with a few drops of mild dish detergent. Soak the jewellery in it for 10-20 minutes. If required, gently scour it with a soft toothbrush. Pat dry with a lint free cloth.
  • You can build hidden jewellery storage into a wall in your master bedroom. This is better than safes as this built-in is inconspicuous.
  • Tangled chains? Relax. We have got the solution. A little bit of baby powder can do wonders. Sprinkle it on the knot and try to pull it apart gently with your hands. Baby oil and a pin can also be of help.
  • We all have had troubles wearing our bracelets. Unfold a large paperclip so that it looks like the shape of an ‘S’. Hook one side of the jump ring of the bracelet and hold the other side of the S with your fingers. Take your free hand and wrap the bracelet around to fasten it. Wasn’t it easy?
  • If you have spare buttons, use them as earring holders and place them inside your bag or wherever you want to stack them. This is a great way to prevent loss.


Below are some ingenious and cute jewellery storage hacks for you. Read on to know.

  • Painted twigs: you can collect some twigs and paint them in multicolour. Now you can hang your light necklaces and chains, without them getting tangled.
  • Hanger jewellery holder: screw in eye hooks along the length of a wooden hanger and hang it against a wall, better if the wall is heavily patterned.
  • Animal jewellery holder: we all have played with mini-animal toys. Ever thought of reusing them as something else? Saw those toys in half and glue them to a painted plank.
  • Table antlers: their naturally jagged shape makes them a perfect table top material. Glam this up with gold and glitter embellishments and see how everyone is awestruck by the look of it.
  • Lace doily bowls: you have seen laces in dresses. Ever thought of using them as your jewellery storage options? They go from soft and frilly to stiff and strong overnight and are too sophisticated.
  • Braided yarn: for an elegant and graceful jewellery display, play with the length of several strands and wrap it around your vanity.
  • Paint tray earring holder: paint each bay of a paint tray in bright colours and store your earrings in them.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to get the proper jewellery insurance.