5 Types of rings every woman should own

5 Types of rings every woman should own

Rings are loved by every woman. They stand for more than just a piece of jewellery.  Every ring symbolises something important. It indicates eternal love and wearer’s unique style.

Here are few types of rings and their significance you must know.

1. Engagement ring -
A ceremony of exchanging rings with each other is the thousand year old tradition. Engagement rings are popular among young couples.  They mark new beginnings of life. These days, engagement rings have been popularly used in precious metals like gold, platinum, studded with diamonds and gemstones.

  1. Birthstone Ring -
    Inspired by the miraculous nature of natural stones, birthstone rings play a special role in person’s life. As per old astrological belief, every person has a lucky birthstone, which one should wear in his month of birth. Many people believe that birthstone rings bring prosperity, happiness and hope.


  1. Cocktail Ring -
    The most elegant type of ring with a cluster of multiple diamonds and coloured stones is too
    charming to resist. Cocktail rings are usually worn by the royal families. It signifies wealth and luxury. You also spot celebs flaunting their shiny bold rings on the red carpet. These rings go perfectly with an evening gown.  Every woman must have at least one cocktail ring to slay any party look.



  1. Eternity Bands -
    Just as its name, eternity band is a symbol of never-ending love. It is also known as the infinity band for its design continuity. It is usually gifted by the husband on the occasion of the first anniversary. Eternity bands are elegantly crafted in gold and diamonds. The first ever eternity ring was created in 1960.


  1. Stack Rings -
    A woman’s love for jewellery can never be enough. Stack rings are inspired by this insight.
    New-age women love to experiment with their jewellery. Stack ring is its best example.
    Use of multi-coloured stack of rings is in vogue.  You can play with metal colours and texture to enhance your contemporary look, because in this case, more is better.


The ring is every woman’s loved jewellery type. Be it bold or minimal style, no dressing is complete without a fancy precious ring. If you wish, flaunt your hands with beautiful diamond rings; explore our rings collection at https://www.pristinefire.com/collections/rings