Jewellery is an integral part of woman’s life. Choosing trendy yet classy jewellery has always been tricky. If you wish to own few precious and timeless jewellery pieces, think about bracelets.

Bracelets make the most elegant and chic forms of jewellery. Here’s a list of most loved bracelets every woman should have in her jewellery box.


  1. Bangle Bracelet:

Originated from the Mayan civilization, the bangle bracelet is one of the oldest forms of jewellery. This popular jewellery perfectly go with everyday chic look. Crafted in gold and diamonds, this elegant piece of jewellery is too good to resist. You can choose trendy linear or floral designs to make your perfect bangle bracelet.


  1. Pearl Bracelet:

If you are looking for an accessory to slay your BFF’s wedding, you can never go wrong with lustrous pearls. Pearls are indicative of unprecedented luxury. Wear a layered pearl bracelet on an ethnic dress or pair it with the contemporary gown for evening functions.


  1. Charm Bracelet:

The Charm bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery, but it stands for something more. Charms symbolizes an entire life philosophy of a wearer. This beautiful, trendy bracelet can be worn with multiple decorative beads and charms. So, next time you go for a Paris trip, don’t forget to add Eiffel Tower charm to your bracelet.


  1. Tennis Bracelet:

When Chris Evert stopped tennis match to find her diamond bracelet, we witnessed the rise of the most popular jewellery trends ever. Tennis bracelet is inspired by simplicity and symmetry. This elegant diamond bracelet is eternally beautiful and should be in your list.


  1. Bead Bracelet:

This Egyptian originated bracelet is made up of gold or silver beads. A perfect minimalist look can never be complete without this simple bead bracelet. You can choose to add some fun to your bracelet with coloured stones.


If you own these trendy bracelets, your love for jewellery can never be faded. Wear that sparkle around wrist and shine forever. Click here to explore our beautiful range of diamond bracelets.