3 things you need to know about latest floral jewellery trend

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3 things you need to know about latest floral jewellery trend

Flowers symbolize beauty and elegance. They have been a part of thousand year old Indian wedding tradition. Flowers are used not just for the venue decoration, but also for jewellery needs. Indian mythological descriptions of Sita, Damayanti inspired this trend to sustain till now.
Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made”. Every woman loves flowers for their charm, freshness and fragrance. Floral jewellery is back in vogue. For wedding function like Haldi, floral is your best option. It gives you a differentiated look and leaves you tension-free from real jewellery getting stained.

Here are few things you should know about floral jewellery-

1. Types of flowers:
Every flower has its own significance. Due to geographical diversity, every region is blessed with different types of attractive flowers. Floral jewellery is largely based on the procurement of desirable flowers in your region.

African Marigold is easily available in Western parts of India, while North India has many species of Orchids, Lotus and

2. Types of floral jewellery for Haldi:
Every bride should know the latest trends of floral jewellery as listed below:

Maangtika: A beautiful flower for Maangtika is sure to enhance your look and make your Haldi day more fun. Just like Kangana, choose a big flower for your Maangtika.


Earrings: Floral earrings are alluring and lightweight. Floral danglers are in vogue. Even celebrities couldn’t resist them.


Hand Harness: This is one of the signature types of bridal jewellery. Strings of beautiful Jasmine buds connected to coloured statement rings are too good to let go.


Neckpiece: Floral jewellery usually made of buds and small flowers. You can have a layered look with white buds and few coloured flowers.


Haathphool and Bajuband:
Floral Hathphools are sure to entice you with its delicate style and sweet fragrance. You style with beads and pearls.


3. Life of flowers:
Floral jewellery will last throughout the day.  Flowers, when stored in the refrigerator, can easily last for 2 days without getting dull. Roses, tuberoses and jasmine buds can stay fresh for even 3 days.

Haldi is all about having fun. And what’s better if your jewellery compliments your big day. Choose floral designs and flaunt nature in style.