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Lesser known facts about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Some call him Bapu and others titled him as Mahatma. It literally means the great soul. The father of India, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his gigantic contribution in India’s freedom fight. This great visionary showed the world the power of truth and non-violence. An entire country celebrates the national holiday on 2nd October as it’s the birthday of Gandhiji. To pay tribute to his great efforts, the UN had declared this day as an ‘international day of non-violence’. Many activities are conducted on this day to celebrate his devotion towards our beloved nation. But, there is more to his...

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Extraterrestrial diamonds: Mystic of the universe

The diamonds on earth are very rare and small in size, but diamonds found in space are present in abundance. These diamonds are also known as extraterrestrial diamonds. Have you thought of a planet where it rains diamonds? In our solar system, ice giants Neptune and Uranus have ample of diamonds. Even meteorites have nano diamonds. An alien planet known as Super - Earth is made up of diamond. It is situated nearby our Milky Way. A space has numerous diamonds found in meteorites, interior of planets, stars and cosmic dust. They are a billion year old. Every natural diamond...

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Everything you need to know about the process of nose piercing

Piercing is a part of many cultures for thousands of years. it was originated in the Middle East approximately 4000 years ago. Nose piercing is usually done by women. In Indian culture, mostly married women pierce their nose as a part of the tradition. Nose-jewels are flaunted in historic movies as they were proud jewels of the royal heirloom. Remember how stunning Jodha looked with her statement nose ring or Kashi from Bajirao Mastani with her Nath? Nose piercing has become a worldwide trend. Many hipsters including men and women prefer to have their nose pierced. It has also been...

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The birthstones and their significance

Human life is connected to lots of things, said by many philosophers. Every person is unique in his own right. His instinctive characteristics and fundamental nature are triggered by many factors. And the birthstones are one of those factors that believe to influence human life. Things that are beyond tangibles have always lured curiosity of our mind. Every birthstone is associated with the month person was born. Here’s a list of how far-away stars and the birthstones impact our lives: Garnet For all those January born people, deep red coloured stone garnet is perfectly suited. The term garnet has a...

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The history of jewellery

A form of ornamentation that goes beyond the boundaries of time and culture is nothing other than the jewellery. Crafted with precious and non-precious metals and stones, these are favourites of woman from every path of life. Since ancient time jewellery has been playing a significant role in woman’s life as well as economy of the country. But, there is more to the history of jewellery. This article is about the history of jewellery and how it made it so far. Jewellery was not created by humans: This might sound confusing, but as per the pre-historic evidences the origin of...

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